First: Do women like big cumshots?

Surprisingly to many people, the answer is "yes". Whereas the rational level of women's brain may still find bigger cum loads messy or gross, the massive cumshot pushes the right buttons at the most basic levels in their minds. Like it or not, the standard for sex appeal is encoded in our genes. Thus, despite all the fashion trends trying to change our perception, men still like a big pair of breasts and women still see men's hairy chest or a deep voice as part of the top male inventory.

How to shoot cum like a porn star

You have probably already watched many porn movies and wondered how that guy could shoot cum like that? Why can't I do that? Well, you are not alone, most men who have ever watched a porn movie wonder about that and would do anything to shoot like that. But can you really shoot cum like that?

The answer is, yes, you can. You just need to do the right things to make sure that your semen volume is high enough so that when you ejaculate, instead of just dribbling in drops, it actually shoots out. Here are some tips that you can use to increase your ejaculation volume and shoot it like a porn star.

Trick #1: Eat the right foods

You may not want to hear this but the truth is that eating fatty, fried and junk foods is not going to help you shoot a lot of cum when you reach an orgasm. What you need is lots of water and low amounts of caffeine. Avoid fatty and fried foods as much as possible. Instead, go for healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Include foods such as dark chocolate, eggs, oysters, bananas, green leafy vegetables (especially spinach), garlic, walnuts and pumpkin seeds in your diet. These foods are rich in some of the key nutrients that help keep your reproductive system healthy, making it produce loads and loads of semen and sperm.

While looking at the essential nutrients, you should know that zinc, vitamin A, C, and E, folic acid, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids are nutrients that help in producing large amounts of cum, making you ready to shoot it 2-5 feet away! So, include foods that are rich in these nutrients in your daily diet.

Trick #2: Take supplements

While you can get the essential nutrients from your foods, you could also consider taking supplements. Pick a supplement that contains all or most of the above nutrients. If it contains some amino acids such as L-arginine and L-carnitine, it would make it easier for you.

Also look for herbs that are known to increase testosterone production and your semen volume. Look for herbal ingredients such as horny goat weed, ginseng, gingko, and tribulus terrestris. These are herbs that have been used for centuries to increase the sexual potency of men.

Trick #3: Build up your cum

This may be difficult for you if you are in the habit of masturbating three to five times a day. However, this could really help you get ready for the moment of triumph. The idea is to allow your cum to build up for a few days. So, when you ejaculate finally, you will be shooting much more than you usually do.

How many days do you have to avoid ejaculating? That's something that you can try out for yourself. Some men can easily shoot more cum after two or three days of not ejaculating at all. Others may find that it takes them ten to twelve days to build up so much cum so as to keep shooting volumes of it. Still others find that their ejaculation actually reduces to a dribble if they avoid sex for more than three to five days. So, this is something that you will need to experiment with.

But one thing is for sure, you surely can't keep masturbating and ejaculating three to four times a day!

Trick #4: Try the stop and go technique

The stop and go technique works great if you want a really large amount of cum to release from your penis. All you need to do is pull out when you are about to reach an orgasm and wait till the feeling goes away. Then just penetrate again. You can do this as many times as you like. Just by stopping yourself from cumming, you will have a larger load to shoot off finally.

Trick #5: Practice Kegels

The idea is that the longer you can stop yourself from cumming, the larger will be your load. If you are practicing Kegels, then your pelvic floor muscles will be strong enough to help you go on and on for a longer time allowing you to build cum as you keep delaying your ejaculation.

The pelvic floor muscles are the ones that you use when you stop the flow of urine in between or the ones that you use to prevent yourself from passing gas. Just contract and release these muscles as many times as possible and you will have more control over your ejaculation.

And while you are lasting for a longer time, your cum will be building up and shooting out exactly like you see in the porn movies!

Trick #6: Try volume pills

There are many companies selling volume pills that claim to increase the volume of your semen, helping you achieve a more intense orgasm, a harder erection, and an ejaculation like a porn star. Just be careful while picking these pills and make sure that they are sold by a reputed company that lists all the ingredients like VolumePills.

Women love guys who can shoot lots of cum and you probably already know that. So, are you ready to use these tricks and shoot like a porn star to please your girlfriend?

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